Culture 20/20 Survey Project Launch Process

Below is list of responsibilities / steps for Culture 20/20 survey admins and what to expect during your project process. This should be considered a guiding tool to help you get started.  

Before starting a Culture 20/20 we recommend the following: 

  • What results will be shared with each level of the company? It’s important to establish this first before moving to the next step. 
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate! It’s recommended that the CEO or a member of the executive team kick off the Culture 20/20 survey. This message should include why the company feels it’s important to conduct this survey and why it’s important for employees. It should also include what information will be shared and when including what action steps will be taken as a result. Another important item is to talk about the importance of participation. If employees can see the value and that this matters, they will be more likely to participate. This message should also include the due date. Lastly, the message should convey that the survey is completely confidential (note that comments are shown as written, so this may also be communicated to employees) – see sample message. 

01. Culture 20/20 Survey – Pre-launch

  •  Survey Admin (HR/Leadership) establishes due date/timeline and establishes what demographic questions will be added, and what (if any) custom sections will be added. 
  •  CEO/executive team member/HR sends a kick off message to all employees. Message should include due date and who the survey will be coming from as well as the points mentioned at the beginning of this document. (See sample message). 
  •  Survey Admin gathers names and email addresses of employees which will be used at the launch step.  

02. Culture 20/20 Survey Administration

  • Survey Admin has the company ensure that is added to the safe sender list to avoid the survey email from going into the spam/junk mail folder or being blocked. 
  • Survey Admin sets up the Culture 20/20 survey (add the demographics that were agreed upon and adds any custom areas). 
  • Survey Admin uploads rater list, fills out the information, sets the due date and auto reminder (if needed), edits email messages to participating leader(s) and their rater(s) as needed, and hits “Send” to distribute the survey. 
  • Survey Admin checks project status, sends out reminders manually or sets automatic reminders and extends the due date(s) if needed. Reminders directly from the company are also suggested if participation is low (see sample reminder messages). 

03. Reports

  • Survey Admin pulls the reports after completion.  


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