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Leadership Development

EDA has collaborated with industry leading researchers and thought partners to develop a suite of programs that strategically build leadership competencies. We have comprehensive services to suit a variety of groups and business needs.


Valued Impact

EDA brings you a new and unique way to examine your organization and how your actions can influence your approach to your organization's leadership, teamwork, and corporate culture. EDA provides a range of leadership development programs to meet your strategic goals. Programs include general leadership development as well as specific programs for healthcare, government or universities. 


Our Approach

Systematic Process

An EDA Leadership Development Expert will work with your organization to identify needs, create an action plan and deliver results using top-of-the-house assessments and leadership development workshops.


A sample leadership development workshop includes three days filled with ongoing individual and team consultations.

Custom Daily Schedule

Meetings with the leader’s managers are conducted to share patterns & reporting process.

Tailored Programs

Each leadership development program is tailored to fit the needs of your organization. We know each organization has different needs and goals and work with you to determine what those specifics are. 


Customized Services for
your Organization

Leadership Development

  • Career Development for Managers
  • Influencing
  • Leadership Development
  • Mentoring
  • Senior Team Cohesiveness

Healthcare Services

  • Physician Leadership Academy
  • Physician Leader Coaching
  • Healthcare Leader & Physician-specific 360-degree Surveys

Internal Leadership

  • Leadership Universities
  • Career Centers
  • Internal Leadership Development
  • Assessment & Diagnostics

Government Services

  • Tactical Trainer Institute- IT
  • Leadership Capabilities Review
  • Ethics Program for Municipalities

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    Discover and See the Spirit of your Culture

    C-suite & Executive Coaching

    • Progress Tracking
    • On-Site Coaching
    • Tailored Assessments
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    Custom Executive Development

    • 360° Leader Self-Assessment
    • Assessment Consulting
    • Culture Surveys
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    Succession Planning

    • Pragmatic Succesion Plans
    • Talent Moving Strategy
    • Identifying Critical Roles
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    Assessment & Selection

    • Recruiting Tools
    • 360° Leader Self-Assessment
    • Culture Survey
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    Culture Audits & Workshops

    • Workshops Facilitation
    • Interactive Learning
    • Teambuilding
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    Board Services

    • Consulting for High Stakes Issues
    • Board Evaluations
    • Decision-Making Assistance
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    Hi-Po Development

    • Custom Organization Strategy
    • Measure Department Effectiveness
    • Critical Thinking Workshops
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    Advanced Leadership Development Training

    Your organization’s leadership team will have a profound impact on the company’s culture, team morale, employee productivity, staff retention, and overall success. Therefore, it is critical that you equip your supervisory personnel with the leadership management skills they need to thrive in their respective roles.

    While there are many means of upskilling your managerial staff, leadership development training from EDA Inc. stands as one of the most effective solutions. Our leadership training courses have been expertly crafted via collaborations with thought leaders and industry-leading researchers.

    Together, these experts, alongside EDA Inc.’s own dynamic team of business culture optimization specialists, have cultivated an advanced leadership course with the potential for resounding impacts on your team. As with all EDA Inc. services, our leadership development course is tailored to meet the unique needs of your brand and enhance culture from the top down.