Ai Summary of The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack 

Jack Stack's book is well-regarded for its innovative approach to business management, which is centered on open-book management. This approach aims to involve every employee in the financial side of the business, fostering an environment where everyone understands the financial impact of their actions and is engaged in the company's success. 

Here's a summary with a focus on teaching and cascading business and financial acumen throughout the organization: 

The Core Principles 

1. Transparency/Open-Book Management: The central theme of the book is that sharing detailed financial information with employees helps them understand how their actions affect the company's bottom line. All financial information is transparently shared, fostering trust and ownership among employees.

2. Education and Empowerment: A significant portion of the book discusses strategies for educating employees about financial concepts and the business's financial goals.  

a. Stack argues that when employees are educated about the financial mechanics of the business, they are more likely to make decisions that benefit the financial health of the organization. 

b. Stack emphasizes the importance of regular training sessions, workshops, and easy-to-understand financial statements tailored to the audience's knowledge level. 

c. Financial literacy training: Employees are equipped with the knowledge to understand financial statements and how their actions impact them. This involves workshops, games,  

and simulations that make learning engaging and accessible. 

3. Setting and Sharing Financial Goals: Stack advocates for setting clear, achievable financial goals and ensuring that these goals are communicated to all employees.  He says we must follow the action & keep score.  He does this through: 

a. Weekly huddles: Teams meet regularly to discuss progress, identify roadblocks, and set improvement goals based on financial metrics. This creates a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

b. Real-time dashboards: Visual representations of key financial indicators allow employees to track progress and see the impact of their actions.

4. Creating a Culture of Ownership: The book details how to foster a sense of ownership among employees.  

a. This involves incentive programs, profit sharing, and other mechanisms that align employees' interests with the financial success of the company.  

b. When employees feel like owners, they are more motivated to contribute to the company's financial health. 

c. Leaders must lead by example and demonstrate commitment to open-book management by actively participating in training, huddles, and financial discussions. 

5. Involvement in Financial Planning: Stack recommends also involving employees in financial planning and forecasting processes. This inclusion helps demystify the financial aspects of the business and encourages a proactive approach to solving financial challenges. 

6. Regular Updates and Transparency: Keeping everyone in the loop through regular financial updates, meetings, and open discussions about the company's financial status is crucial. This transparency helps maintain trust and ensures that employees are aware of the company's financial health and their role in improving it.

7. Celebrating Successes and Learning from Failures:  Stack emphasizes that acknowledging and celebrating financial successes boosts morale and reinforces the value of everyone's contributions. In addition, it’s important to 

a. openly analyze and learn from financial setbacks without placing blame to encourage a culture of continuous improvement, and 

b. celebrate achievements towards financial goals to reinforce positive behaviors and maintain motivation. 

Implementing the Game 

To effectively teach and cascade business and financial acumen, Stack suggests starting with a comprehensive onboarding process that introduces new employees to the open-book philosophy. Continuous education and involvement are key, with an emphasis on practical, hands-on learning experiences that relate financial concepts to employees' daily work. 

In summary, "The Great Game of Business" provides a blueprint for creating a financially savvy workforce by promoting transparency, education, and participation in financial matters. Implementing Stack's principles can transform an organization's culture, leading to empowered employees who are actively engaged in the company's financial success.  


Stack, J., & Burlingham, B. (2013). The great game of business, expanded and updated: The only sensible way to run a company. Crown Publishing Group.  

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