Client Reminder Message 2


Subject Line: ACTION NEEDED: Last Reminder to Complete – Culture Survey 20/20 


Dear Team Member: 

The due date is fast approaching, and we would like for you to participate so we came make our X% participate goal.   

As of today only x/x have completed the survey.  Reminders are being sent to everyone who has not completed.  

The completion due date is X/X. 

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. Your participation is very important. 

Things to remember: 

  • We will not see your individual survey 
  • We ask for what group you part of so we can slice/dice the data to get a better picture of what we need to work on and the impact in each key group 
  • We need feedback so we can ensure we are working on the right things that impact people – we want X Company to be a great place to work – which means we have to understand what’s working/what’s not/what’s missing 

 If you have questions/concerns for yourself, please reach out to ___________. 


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