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Key Competencies In Demand

What are the most lacking competencies in high-potential leaders today?

Why you need to identify them now. As you look down in the organization at the next generation of leadership talent (the ones who are most likely to fill executive level positions in the 3-5 years), what capabilities, skills, knowledge, attitudes, and competencies are most lacking? In a 2018 survey, 75% of organizations reported that high potentials had been formally identified. But that dropped sharply in 2021 to just 41%.

This significant drop is evident that the next generation of leaders may lack critical capabilities, skills, knowledge, attitudes, and competencies. 

Why You Need to Know

71 %

Organizations believed their high-potential leaders lacked critical leadership skills

17 %

High-potential leaders considered ready to take on critical roles.

14 %

Hi-Po leaders considered to be effective at both leading themselves and others


Only 41% of High-Potentials correctly identified. Find out what to look for now.