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Great leaders shape exceptional company cultures. Shape yours with unlimited 360-Degree surveys.

Top companies have built their culture with EDA, Inc.

Great Leaders Fuel and Inspire Culture

Your company’s success depends on attracting and retaining the best talent. The best way to do that is by creating an exceptional, high-performing culture. 360-Degree surveys are a great way to begin. EDA’s unlimited 360-degree survey platform and reports make it easy and affordable.

Build on Strengths. Maximize leaders' potential by leveraging their existing skills and qualities.

Reveal Leadership Gaps. Assist in identifying developmental needs for targeted growth.

Stop Derailing Behaviors. Empower leaders to overcome obstacles and halt derailing behaviors.


Companies with strong leadership are 13 times more likely to outperform their competition in key business metrics.

Culture Fuels Business Success.

65 %

Companies with strong cultures enjoy 65% higher levels of engagement.

30 %

Firms with strong cultures outperform competitors by 30% in business profitability.

88 %

88% of employees believe a distinct culture better attracts and retains top talent.

Tech & Talent

Our Integrated Culture Approach

We provide a top-shelf talent services that augment the diagnostic power of our tools to help you build a better culture.

Introducing EDASurveys® and EDACulture®

EDA offers a comprehensive culture ecosystem, featuring advanced technology like EDA Surveys® and EDA Culture® tools. These tools make your culture visible, saving time and money while driving results. Combined with expert coaching and training, EDA provides a transformative culture toolbox at your fingertips.

  • Unlimited Enterprise Surveys
  • Culture Dashboards
  • Real-Time Company Sentiment
  • Employee Topic Analysis
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Services with 40+ Year Track Record

For over 40 years, our proven expert services have crafted enduring cultures. At every stage of our partnership, we are dedicated to empowering your organization with the tools, insights, and strategies required to create a thriving and impactful culture that stands the test of time. With our proven expertise and passion for cultural transformation, we are committed to guiding you towards sustained excellence and achievement.

  • Executive Development
  • C-Suite Coaching
  • Hi-Po Development
  • Succession Planning
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Proprietary Culture Reporting and Tools

Gain deep insights into your culture with our proprietary Culture 20/20® Report and 360-Degree LES III® Reports. Uncover strengths, address weaknesses, and nurture a purpose-driven organization for lasting success. With these comprehensive reports in hand, you gain a newfound clarity on the strengths and potential weaknesses of your culture.

  • LES III® Reports
  • Culture 20/20® Reports
  • T.E.A.M. Effectiveness™
  • Workshops & Diagnostics
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Top in Leadership Trends Research

As the industry's trendsetter in executive development trends research, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and insights. Our expertise and dedication have propelled us to the forefront of the industry, making us the undisputed leader in trend research.

  • Trends in Executive Development®
  • Leading With Vision®
  • Courage to Advance®
  • Leadership Talks
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47% of active job seekers cite company culture as their driving reason choosing where to work. Does your culture attract the best talent?


Our Services

EDA provides a range of products and services to help you build a compelling, lasting culture.

Assessment Centers

We provide targeted assessments and custom reports to support actionable decisions.

Rapid-Cycle Diagnostics

Identify capabilities needed to address marketplace challenges and achieve strategy.

Organization Building

Actionable strategies for communications, teambuilding, and change management.

Succession Planning

We breakdown the candidate competencies, providing analysis on levels of readiness and fit.

Executive Coaching

We set goals and develop action plans to better eliminate obstacles that stand in the way of success.

Hi-Po Development

Create and deliver powerful packaged workshops and programs for high potentials and emerging leaders.


Our Survey Platform

Take a look at our Survey platform demo, designed to provide valuable insights and diagnostics for building an ideal workplace culture.


What Others Are Saying

With EDA you have the most renowned experts in custom leadership and organization development at your fingertips

"The roll out of our leadership development program was a huge success thanks to EDA’s Rapid Cycle Design process. If you need help in designing a comprehensive leadership program, I highly recommend partnering with EDA."

Richard Anderson St. Luke's University Health Network

Our organization has experienced significant benefits working with EDA for over 7 years. They have demonstrated considerable expertise in leadership coaching, especially with our most senior executives and clinical leaders.

Mark Drabik Global Strike

The Critical Thinking Boot Camp was absolutely one of the best educational experiences I have attended in my 23 years as a senior Active Duty Army Strategic Planner and senior civilian in the Department of Defense.

Deanna Farmer Enable Midstream Partners

We partnered with EDA to establish our Succession Planning strategy, process, and review. Their expertise, flexibility, insight, and delivery were all excellent.

Dan Kaercher Kroger Mountain View Foods

With the help of the Critical Thinking Boot Camp, we were able to review our list of probable causes and discussed each one more thoroughly to determine the highest priorities.

Todd Bastean Bunge North America

EDA has not only assisted me greatly with transition into the CEO role of our organization, but also with the various transitions within my senior executive team.


We Can Answer That

Have a question? We've got an answer. If not, contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Executive coaching is a one-on-one developmental experience. The relationship between the leader and coach provides a safe and confidential place where the leader can excel in a new position, prepare for the next level of leadership or fix some derailing leadership behaviors. The relationship is beneficial for continue development and thought partnership and provides the leader with the unvarnished and unbiased truth from an outside perspective.

To help you create and sustain a compelling culture, EDA has developed a culture ecosystem that includes proprietary top-of-the-house products that allow your organization to truly make culture visible with accessible that saves time and money, but drives results. These tools combined with EDA's experienced coaching, training and education, give your organization an all-encompassing culture toolbox at your fingertips.

EDA brings you a new and unique way to examine your organization and how your actions can influence your approach to your organization's leadership, teamwork, and corporate culture. EDA provides a range of leadership development programs to meet your strategic goals. Programs include general leadership development as well as specific programs for healthcare, government or universities.

An EDA professional would love to speak with you! You may schedule a time that conveniently works for your schedule using the "Schedule a Talk" feature at the bottom of the page.

Pricing varies as each service is tailored to your organization. We are happy to discuss this and/or provide a proposal for services that are specific to your situation. All of our proposals contain detailed pricing information.

Yes! EDA offers both on-site and virtual programs and services in order to best fit the needs of your organization.


The #1 reason mergers and acquisitions fail is culture clash. Request access to our EDA Surveys platform to begin building a better culture

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