What Does a Good Executive Coach Do?
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What Does a Good Executive Coach Do?

EDA, Inc • January 11 , 2023

How a Good Executive Coach Will Transform Your Business

With coaching growing in popularity across businesses and other diverse industries, you may be curious as to what exactly a good executive coach does. With the diversity of our workforce, executive coaches can help your business to transform its leadership and design processes to align with your company vision. Both your people and your organization will benefit in the short-term and long term. 

Executive coaching is an ongoing process that helps individuals and businesses develop both personally and professionally to achieve their own goals and the goals of the business. When executive coaches are brought into a business, they provide neutral perspectives and support to your organization. These actions result in measurable differences in development, relationships, and performance across your talent and business.  

Executive coaches help to transform your company culture and effectively use your strategic vision to the benefit of your organization today and in the future. Effective executive coaches help your organization, and its leaders evolve to understand and meet the needs of today’s workforce and inspire and empower your people through change and uncertainty. When you inspire and empower a person in their role, you give them the tools and courage to develop and succeed through any challenges, changes, or obstacles.  

5 Elements of a Good Executive Coach

A good executive coach will act in the following ways to best support a client, their needs, and their outcomes: 

1. Maximize Client PerformanceExecutive coaching can help to maximize client performance by providing a space to reflect on their professional goals, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to overcome challenges. With an objective perspective, executive coaches encourage and empower their clients to engage and better understand the next steps needed for their business. This also supports the client in developing their leadership skills and improving their communication and interpersonal relationships. Executive coaching provides a sounding board for the client to test out new ideas and receive feedback, as well as maintaining accountability for acting and making progress towards their personal and professional development goals. 

2. Analysis of Leader’s Strengths & Development Opportunities Executive coaching provides an analysis of leadership strengths and development opportunities. These analyses happen through a variety of methods, such as assessments (e.g., Hogan Suite of Assessment Tools), 360-degree leadership effectiveness feedback, and one-on-one engagement with an executive coach. This information allows an executive coach to support the leader in identifying their areas of strength and understanding how to leverage them in their role. Executive coaches also help leaders identify areas where they may need development, such as learning and mastering new skills or improving upon their existing ones. Through this process, the leader can gain a better understanding of their personal and professional development needs and create a plan to address them. An executive coach is a great thought partner for your leaders’ and their development and will strengthen your business’s competitive advantage.

3. Clarification of Goals – 80% of organizations that utilized coaching reported that it helped employees set more effective and achievable goals (Association for Talent Development survey). Clarification of goals is critical for goal achievement for leaders, teams, and the overall success of a business. A good executive coach will help your leaders and employees set clearer goals and objectives, and work with clients to improve workplace efficiency and productivity across employees and enhance goal attainment in your business. Executive coaches also assist organizations to align their actions and strategies with their vision, providing additional clarity surrounding its communicated vision and goals.

4. Customized Action PlansExperienced executive coaches work with a client to identify specific goals that the client wants to achieve. Once clarifying these goals, an executive coach will support and empower the client to develop an action plan. Executive coaches will help leaders break down specific goals into smaller, more actionable steps. This assists in identifying any obstacles that may be standing in the way of progress for the client or business, and then helps in developing strategies to overcome them. An executive coach will help create a plan to implement and track client progress and to help in both improving and establishing accountability. Coaches will provide resources to support the client and their progress. By working with an executive coach to create a customized action plan, the client can take concrete steps towards achieving their personal goals and optimizing their performance, as well as enhancing the goals and performance of the business and talent around them.

5. Elimination of Obstacles – Executive coaching helps eliminate both personal and professional obstacles by working with leaders to identify the root causes of any challenges. Then, an executive coach works with the client to develop strategies to overcome this obstacle. Coaches will help teams brainstorm, generate and explore new ideas, and dive deeper into potential root causes of the problem, or the business needs to learn more about what actions and decisions they should take next. This helps leaders better understand problems or challenges and supports them in identifying potential solutions or refining their strategies. Executive coaching enables leaders to stay focused and motivated and to develop the skills and resources needed to overcome any challenges and changes they face.


To ensure the future success of your business and its talent, executive coaching and leadership development will be game changers for your business. Investing in your highest levels of leadership will be one of the best ways to invest in your people and company culture, retain top executives and employee talent, and achieve your organizational vision and goals.  

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