Leader Kick Off Message


Subject: 360 Survey Kick-off 

 Hello _________, 

 I’m reaching out to gather some information so we can start your 360 survey. 

 The 360-survey is designed to gain insight into the dynamics within your circle of direct reports, indirect reports, peers, and supervisor.  We also have another group in which you could include external people. The feedback from this assessment should give you insight and support you in adjusting your leadership and communication techniques for maximum effect.  The survey is provided online and every person’s answers are completely confidential.  This ensures the participants the right to give you their true perceptions without worrying about how they say it.   

 You will also need to complete the survey on yourself in order to have something to compare your self-perception with the perception of others.  Once everyone has completed the survey, we will aggregate the data for you and provide a report that rates your self-scores against those of others.  This will allow you to see any discrepancies in the way you see yourself and the way others see you.  Bonnie will provide you with a face-to-face debrief.  Again this information is confidential, only you and your coach will see the results.  In order to begin, we need a list of at least 20 people to complete the survey.   

Here is the list of instructions for the 360-degree Survey: 

  • Please provide the following information on each person  (NOTE:  We need this information as soon as possible.)   
    • Name  
    • E-mail address  
    • Telephone number 
    • Category (supervisor, direct report, indirect report, peer, other)  
  • Attached is a 360 Participant Template that you can use to prepare this list. 
  • Send each person on your list an e-mail (see draft Email to 360 participants attachment) to let them know we will be contacting them at your request for your own professional development.  Please personalize the email so it sounds like you.  This will keep participants from thinking our e-mail is spam.    
  • Upon completion of your rater list, share with your immediate manager/one-up leader (they may add to the list). Once you have the final list, please send it directly to (Admin Email Here). 
  • Typically, this process will take between 4-6 weeks to complete, this allows time for all participants to respond, for us to compile and prepare the data to share with you.  With your level of enthusiasm, however, we may be able to shorten the cycle. 
  • Someone from the Talent Department will reach out to schedule your debrief upon completion of this project.  


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