360 Survey Launch Process for Administrators

Below is list of responsibilities / steps for 360-degree survey admins and what to expect during your project process. This should be considered a guiding tool to help you get started with your 360 projects.  

Before starting a 360, we recommend the following items are confirmed with all parties: 

  • Who will the 360 be shared with? Will the 360-survey report and findings be shared with the leader only, will HR receive a copy as well as the direct manager? We recommend this is established before starting a 360 project and that all parties are aware. 
  • Direct manager feedback is typically not anonymous, as there is usually one direct manager. It’s recommended that the Administrator remind the direct manager that their responses are not anonymous so there aren’t any surprises. 
  • 360-survey debrief – Establish who on the team will be conducting the debrief and let the leader know of this decision.  

01.  360-Degree Survey Input

  • Survey Admin introduces 360 survey to participating leaders. Administrator then sends a kickoff message to the leader(s) which will include a blank participant list for the leader to fill out and a sample message the leader can send to their list of raters (see sample kick off message and rater template). 
  • Survey Admin gathers the rater list from the participating leader(s). It’s recommended that the leader’s direct manager has a chance to review and approve the list before. The Administrator should confirm this upon receiving the list from the leader.

* Survey admins cannot proceed to the next stage without having the requested list. Please note that this list should be the final list that has been reviewed by the participants’ direct manager.   

02. 360-Degree Survey Administration

  • Survey Admin has participating leader(s) send out message to their rater(s) letting them know about their inclusion in the survey. The leader(s) should let the Administrator know when message has been sent. (See sample message to raters). 
  • Survey Admin has the company ensure that is added to the safe sender list to avoid the survey email from going into the spam/junk mail folder or being blocked. 
  • Survey Admin uploads rater list, fills out the information, sets the due date and auto reminder (if needed), edits email messages to participating leader(s) and their rater(s) as needed, and hits “Send” to distribute the 360-degree survey. 
  • Survey Admin checks project status, sends out reminders manually or sets automatic reminders and extends the due date(s) if needed. 

03. Report(s)  

  • Survey Admin sends 360-degree survey report(s) to individual leader(s) when response rate reaches a good percentage. *** The Administrator will coordinate with the leader regarding the debrief.  


*** According to industry standard, good response rate for a 360-Degree survey is >=80%. 

*** It’s recommended if there are only three raters in a category (excluding direct manager), that all three need to have responded to maintain rater confidentiality and anonymity before pulling the report.  


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