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How to Create a 360 Survey

1. Log into your EDASurveys account.

2. On the Home Page, click on Start New Project on the upper lefthand side. 

3. You will have two options at this point, build a Custom 360 or use a Pre-built Template. 

a. Custom: Hover over the 360-survey box and click Custom Build to build a 360 survey from scratch.

b. Template: Hover over the 360-survey box and select Template to use a pre-built template.

*Available 360 Survey Templates: Leadership Effectiveness Survey II, Leadership Effectiveness III, Healthcare Leadership Survey. 

  • Note: Prebuilt templates are fully customizable. You can make updates to the template and save your changes and create a custom template. 

Custom Build

4. After clicking on Custom Build, a pop-up will appear where you will be asked to name the survey and enter the organization associated with the survey. After entering the information, click Start Building to continue. 

5. Another pop-up will appear explaining there will be a few more steps to set up the survey before continuing. Click on Let’s Get Started to continue.

6. Next, you will be prompted to select Demographic Questions if you would like to use for your survey. Note: Adding demographic questions is completely optional. Click Add & Next to continue.  

7. Another pop-up will appear where you will select the Competencies to be used. Select the competencies by checking the box next to the competency. Click on the competency to view the behaviors associated with the company. The behaviors are the questions in the survey. Click Add & Next to continue. 

 Note: You will have the option to use competencies provided by EDASurveys, or you may wish to build your own. See guide on Building Custom Competencies for step-by-step instructions.  

8. Next, you will need to update the Global Scale. The Global Scale will apply to all the survey. 360 surveys are limited to a 5-point scale. You do have the option of selecting the Likert Scale you would like to use by clicking on the Likert Scale labels and scrolling through the pre-built templates. You can also custom build your labels. Lastly, there is an option for adding Does Not Apply as an answer choice. Make sure to add that at this step. When done, click Build Project to continue. 

9. You are now at the Design page. Here you will be able to: 

     a. Add a survey intro 

    • The survey intro shows up at the beginning of the survey and gives raters more information about the survey. Here you can add instructions or simply introduce the survey. The text area is fully customizable for your needs.  

b. Add Sections by clicking on the + and then clicking on Add Section.

c. Add Comment Text Box 

    • Comment Text Boxes can be dragged to different areas of the page.
    • Comment Text Boxes can be related to a Competency or can be an overall open comment 


d. Make a question required 

    • On the left side, make sure Global is selected, and under Required, make sure that is turned on in order for questions to be required. 

10. Once you are finished making updates to your survey, make sure to click Save to save the survey. You can also preview the survey by clicking on Preview. Lastly, if you wish to save this survey as a template, click on the three dots next to the company name, select 360-Degree Survey and click on Save as template. 

11. Next, to send the survey, click on Send at the top of the page.  

12. First select the Survey Close Date. Next, Send Methods will appear. Click on the + Add Send Method to continue. 

13. Next, click on Email/Text, the only available option for 360 surveys.  

14. A pop will appear. Select Send Asap to send the survey the same day or select Schedule to schedule the survey to go out on a different day. Next, click on Save Periods. 

Note: You can add additional Periods to your survey. For example, if you launch a survey and want to re-launch the following year, you would click on + Add Survey Period and select the future dates for the survey to go out. If you wish to launch the survey once, simply ignore adding a survey period.  

15. Next, another Send Methods screen will pop up. Here you will add your Audience List  (rater list) and your Survey Messages, both the initial and the follow up message (reminder message).  

16. First click on + Audience List. A pop-up will appear with two options, Create New List and User Pre-Built List. Click on Create New List. This will let you upload your list before sending.  

Note: Use Pre-Built List means you would use a previously created list. Please see Pre- Built List guide for instructions on creating that list.  

17. After clicking on Create New List, a pop-up will appear. First, click on Target List, as the 360 survey will require that you use a Target list. Next, name your list and click Save & Next 

18. Next, enter the Target information. The Target is the person that is being rated by others. Note that the phone number is not mandatory. All other fields are. When done updating, click Save & Next to continue.  

19. Now you are at the part where you add your raters. You will have two options: 

  •      a. Upload a CSV file – Click on this option and download the template. Fill out the template and upload the file to add your list of raters. Necessary information includes the name, email, and rater group. When done, click Upload 

  •      b. Manual Input – You have the option to manually input your list of raters. Enter the information in the correct fields. Necessary information includes the name, email, and rater group. When done, click Add & Save.

  •      c. Note: Typical rater groups include the following – direct leader or supervisor, peers, direct reports, indirect reports, and others. 

20. Next, add your Survey Messages. Click on Add Survey Message and then select Create Custom or From Template 


  • a. Create Custom - Create your message at this point. Click on Create Custom. Next, designate the recipient type (Participant or Target), select the message type (First touch or Follow Up) and enter a name for your message. Click Save & Create.

  • Next, create your message. Click on Personalize on the bottom right to pull up a list of placeholders such a survey link and due date to add to your message. When done, click on Save & Attach.

b. From Template - First select either First Touch or Follow Up Emails. Add a First Touch and Follow Up for Targets and a First Touch and Follow Up for participants. Click on Select Template to add the template and continue the process until all of your messages have been added.

     c. Add the following:

    • Target – first touch (this is the initial survey invitation email for the target) 
    • Target – follow up (this is the reminder email for the target) 
    • Participant – first touch (this is the initial survey invitation email for participants/raters) 
    • Participant – second touch (this is the reminder email for the participants/raters) 

21. Once your messages have been added, click on Manage/Schedule Messages to schedule the reminder messages.  

To schedule the reminder messages, select the Days after First-Touch and click if you want to repeat the reminders or not. Click Save Changes to continue. 

Note: Always set up a reminder schedule for the first set of reminders. After that, you can select No Repeat and manually send out reminders. You can also send manually send reminders at any point during the survey. 

22. Now, you are ready to send out the survey. Click Send/Schedule to launch the survey.  

23. After launching, track responses by clicking on the Projects tab on the Home Page. This will take you to the Survey Tracking page. Here you will see the Target and Participant/Rater information including the emails, names, group, and the status. In addition, you will be able to edit participant information by clicking on the three dots to the right of the person. You will also be able to send individual and Mass Reminders. 

When you click on the three dots, the following options will appear: 

  • Survey URL – You can view the unique URL associated with the Participant or Target 
  • Edit Participant – Edit the email, name, or group of the Participant or Target 
  • Remove Participant – Remove the participant from the project 
  • Send Reminder Email - send individual reminder emails to the Participant or Target 

Manually send Mass Reminders by clicking on Mass Reminders. Those that haven’t completed the survey will receive a reminder message.  

Lastly, to add additional Participants to the project, click on Add to List which will bring up a new window. In that window, add the Participant information (email, name, rater group) and click Add & Save. The initial survey invitation email will automatically go out to any additional Participants.

24. To view additional results and insights, from the Survey Tracking page, click on Results. 

Then, you will have a Summary view of the responses. 

25. When ready to pull the report, go to the Results page by going to Projects àOpening Project à Clicking on Results. At the bottom of the screen, click on Generate Report 


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