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How to Add Competency in Library

1. Log into your EDASurveys account.    

2. On the Home Page, click on Library tab on the left-hand side.   

3. Next, select the Competencies tab at the top of the library. Click Add Competency on the upper righthand side.  

4. The Add Competency window will appear. Here, you can begin inputting relevant information to add a competency.  

Steps for the Add Competency Window 

1. Next to Select Competency Type at the top of window, click the down-arrow on the selection box to view this dropdown list. Select your desired competency type here.

2. Next, you can add a competency. This initial text section also acts as a title for your competency. You can also include a description to help define your created competency. 

NOTE: Entering a competency in this text field is mandatory when adding a competency to the library. The description (definition) section is optional. 

3. You can also complete other sections within your competency (e.g., Behaviors, Build on Strengths, Development Opportunities, and Resources). Select the down-arrow next to each section title for text lines to appear. Each of these sections has several text lines and you can add as many as your competency needs. 

 NOTE: These sections are optional to complete in your competency, but note this section will be blank on the report if nothing is added. 

4. Click Save when finished to add your competency to the library.  

5. Your newly added competency should appear in the User Defined section under the Competencies tab in the library.  


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