How Will Executive Business Coaching Be Your Competitive Advantage?
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How Will Executive Business Coaching Be Your Competitive Advantage?

Bonnie Hagemann • December 20 , 2022

Why is Executive Business Coaching Worth it?

One of the greatest competitive advantages for a business today is investing in executive business coaching and leadership development. 85% of today’s workforce believes investing in your people’s development is one of the best ways to retain them at your business. The executive style of coaching helps assure accountability to the organization’s vision and strategy and provides its top-of-the-house leaders with the tools, inspiration, and empowerment to transform how they will lead their current and future workforce.

Executive coaching not only benefits your top-of-the-house but also your customers, bottom line, and all those in between. Executive coaching not only improves goal achievement, company culture, accountability, and business relationships but it also cultivates an environment of trust, growth, development, and empowerment for your workforce. You can give someone the training and tools to succeed, but they will need to believe in themselves to be most effective in their work and within their workplace.

The ever-changing workforce and talent of today will require your business to get creative on how you invest in, motivate, and develop your people. If you are not empowering, inspiring, or coaching rather than managing your workforce, your business will not hold up to its competitors or retain its best people. While the actions of executives greatly impact all areas, levels, and people of a business, coaching will be imperative in effectively equipping your entire workforce and enhancing all parts of your organization. A company always benefits from investing in its workforce, and executive coaching is a powerful way to develop and sustain your leaders.

How Does Executive Coaching Develop Your Talent and Organization?

Incredible coaching efforts will yield incredible people. Coaching will evolve your talent to greater levels and will encourage and empower transformational growth across your organization. It will also benefit your business’s bottom line. The following focuses of executive business coaching will prove this investment to be worth it for your people and business.

  1. Building Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, and Confidence in Your LeadershipWhen your executives and leaders are aware of their actions, impact, and their own emotions and those of their people, they can change their behaviors in ways that will best benefit their workforce and the business. The Institute of Coaching demonstrated an increase in self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-leadership in leaders who received coaching relating to their business roles and efforts. It also showed an increase in executives’ communication, team, and organizational contributions, and overall job satisfaction.

When executives and leaders are empowered in their roles and given the tools and inspiration to become more self-aware and confident in what they do, this can trickle down to their bottom line and impact the overall organizational performance and people’s experience. This is also an amazing way for organizations to identify and develop their high-potentials and to continue to evolve at all levels of their talent. Your people will always be your greatest asset and will help your business to sustain its competitive advantage.

2. Revenue and Profitability in Your Business According to a matrix global study, executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI). Implementing executive coaching efforts in businesses and finding increases in work engagement and performance, productivity, and employee retention from these coaching efforts produced these impressive results. If you are investing in your people, they will perform better, feel more valued, and be more inspired and empowered within their work and in their workplace.

Improving employee retention is one of the best ways to save time and money, as employee turnover can be costly for your business. Executive coaching demonstrates to the current and outside talent that your business cares about the success of its people, which will in turn positively contribute to the output and revenue of your business. It will also evolve your leaders and talent to maximize their potential and make their greatest efforts toward the organization and its goals. Your people want to be encouraged, empowered, and developed and be valued as part of your business’s success.


To ensure the future success of your business and its talent, executive business coaching and leadership development will be game changers for your business. Investing in your highest levels of leadership will be one of the best ways to invest in your people and company culture, retain top executives and employee talent, and achieve your organizational vision and goals. Check out Our Services to see how EDA’s custom-designed leadership and executive development strategies, systems, and programs will help your business excel in today’s business world.

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