How to Win the Talent Marketplace
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How to Win the Talent Marketplace

Bonnie Hagemann • May 11 , 2022

If a company wants to win in the marketplace, the best thing they can do is attract top talent and one of the best ways to do that is to create a compelling culture. EDA Surveys™ is more than a survey tool. It allows you to take a deeper dive into your organization to make your company’s culture visible. 

We make culture visible to the leaders, the board, the investors, and potential employees so they can lead, manage and make intelligent decisions through actionable insights. We do this through our robust survey tools and dashboards that make it easy to see your company data and trends.   


Your organization can select if you want to custom build a culture survey or use a pre-built template. You will also have access to our proprietary culture 20/20 survey, 360-degree survey, team effectiveness survey, return on investment survey, online reference checks and many other proprietary tools. There are also enterprise surveys for departments across the entire organization including sales, customer service, technology, etc.  


“Let’s head to the send section. You can easily upload your list of recipients before you start your survey by going to the Audience list tab and uploading your list. You also have the option of uploading your list of recipients directly in the Send section. Add a due date and click on Add Send Method. You can select the option to email or text your recipients, if you want to website embed, or if you wish to generate a link to post to your social media. Let’s select the email/text option. Select when you want to send. Let’s choose ASAP. Next, we will add an audience list. We’ll pick this list we had previously uploaded. Next, add your survey message, either a custom message or from the template library, and click Send.”   


In the survey results, we give high-level insights into the completion of the survey. We provide quiz data, frequently missed questions, and scores per contact. You can view response summaries for each question including correct answers, on-time submissions, and weighted averages. The report aggregates the survey data into an easy-to-read format.   

The survey report begins by giving an explanation on how to read the report, followed by the company snapshot. The snapshot gives a high-level overview including the overall culture health score, highest and lowest rated item, and an overview of the overall high and low averages by demographic group. The report then shows the aggregate culture health scores by demographics followed by recommendations based on the scores.  


The survey platform includes a project section for ease of organizing both open and closed projects. It is easy for you to track projects by users and teams.  

Remember, companies with the best talent and culture will always win in the marketplace. Our platform captures the talent data and insights you need to make your talent your strategic advantage.  

EDA Surveys™


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