Jeri Darling

Senior Leadership Consultant

Jeri specializes in targeted executive coaching, leader development, and organizational change. She is a sought-after coach, facilitator, and consultant with a proven track record in delivering engaging, relevant, and impactful development experiences to build leadership capacity and results. Her practice is supported by extensive experience as a corporate executive and in top tier consulting firms, as well as education in business management and adult development. She has a grounded, pragmatic understanding of the realities her clients face every day. Jeri utilizes creative, experiential approaches to leader development, emphasizing hands-on and application-oriented practices and methodologies. She has designed and delivered a variety of leadership development engagements, particularly focusing on individual and team coaching to achieve higher levels of effectiveness and performance. Her areas of focus include leadership coaching, executive team effectiveness, strategic leader development, mediation, coaching of virtual teams, transition coaching and executive on-boarding, coaching for performance improvement, coaching for cultural competence, and leader assessment.

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