Gillian Stamp

Advisory Board Member

For twenty-five years, Gillian Stamp has worked as a sounding-board for leaders as they look to the future. Building capacity with people and institutions, she has offered support, reflection and counsel to chairmen, chief executives and senior staff in the UK, USA, Belgium, Hungary, India, Singapore, Australia and South Africa, in both the private and public sectors, with military and religious organizations, social enterprise and not-for-profit groups. In each consultation she blends strategic assessment and human insight, helping clients make sense of uncertainties, clarify opportunities, and initiate positive change.

Gillian is the author of Career Path Appreciation (CPA), an innovative, in-depth, reciprocal process for identifying the potential of people to make decisions in the face of complexity and uncertainty. She was a member of the Council of St George’s House for seven years and has been a Fellow of the Windsor Leadership Trust since 2001. She is an adviser to the Archbishops’ Council, the National Defense University in Washington DC, the Scottish Executive, the UK National School of Government, the chair of the Social Care Institute for Excellence, the CEO of the Employers’ Forum for Disability, the CEO of the Community Action Network and to Chief Executives and Chairmen in the UK, South Africa, India, Singapore and the US.

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