Dan Corlette, PhD

Chief Intelligence Officer

Dr. Dan Corlette has spent the last 20 years in Research and Development for both commercial and government organizations primarily in the areas of natural language processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cyber security. He has served as a principal investigator and lead researcher on a number of advanced research projects in areas including: High-speed Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics, Semantic Search, Ontology Extraction and Modeling, and Controlled Natural Languages.

Recently, Dan has worked on applications of natural language processing and machine learning applied to the cyber security domain, specifically risk based vulnerability management with a focus on processing and analyzing cyber threat intelligence to predict future vulnerabilities that would go on to be exploited in the wild. Dan began his career as a software engineering in the research and development lab of Hewlet Packard in Santa Rosa, CA, working on Lightwave Component Analyzers. Dan spent three years teaching Computer Logic Design and Digital Signal Processing to undergraduate computer engineers at California State University, Sacramento – CSUS, and hopes to one day make it back to teaching again.

Dan holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from California State University, Sacramento, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Texas A&M University.

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