Annette Klososky

Senior Leadership Development Consultant & Organizational Executive

Annette Klososky serves EDA in a partner role as a Senior Leadership Development Consultant and Operational Executive. Klososky has a unique blend of entrepreneurism and leadership & organizational development expertise. She has 20 years of experience working to influence change & results within organizations today.

As a consultant, she has expertise in all facets of leadership development and executive coaching and focuses on aligning the strategic direction of the organization to the strategic development of its people. She has an ability to diagnose the issues within an organization, align the people and processes, and help initiate the results needed to meet the strategic objectives of the organization. She is known for helping organizations cut through the issues and learn to communicate effectively within teams. She has an ability to give direct and enlightening feedback to her clients that focuses on strengths of the leader and results for the organization.

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